The third month of the year is nearly over and many ardent gamers are still wondering what 2018 has in store for them. 2017 was filled with some exciting stuff including release of new games, augmented reality technology and virtual reality. Whatever your gaming tipple, this will certainly be a big one. Keep reading to find out more about what 2018 has in store for you.

Growth in Mobile Gaming

The online gaming market is expected to rise to $110 billion globally. This is attributed to anticipated increase in popularity, what with mobile games being relatively cheap and having high revenue potential. More developers will focus on rolling out better games. Even though the mobile gaming marketplace is a little overcrowded, the good games always rise through the ranks and earn plenty of revenues.

Virtual Reality Will be Mainstream

The past two years saw VR becoming more user-friendly and this year, the technology will actually start teething. It will grow steadily in 2018, thanks to companies like Sony and HTC that have already taken the lead. Medium sized studios will not be making big bets on VR like major publishers, but they are still expected to jump in. There will be expanded installation base of VR games.

New Releases

Whether you like online shooter games, multi-player games or slots at casinos, this year will bring new anticipated installments. Much loved franchises are also expected to drop. Get ready for God of War, Monster Hunter: World, Dragon Ball Fighter Z and Red Dead: Redemption just to name a few.

Growth of eSports Leagues

What was once a dream of gamers has become a billion dollar industry that is expected to generate more than $1 billion by 2020. eSports Leagues have become quite popular, with gamers from all over the world competing for prizes like money, consoles, PCs etc. Hi-Rez Studio organizes and runs one of the most successful leagues called Smite Pro League. The matches are streamed live online and anyone who wants to see each event can purchase season passes.

Diversity and Inclusion

More games that include the minorities, underrepresented communities and women are being developed. For instance, Seasons of Heaven by Nintendo Switch is a puzzle adventure game based on a protagonist with Asperger Syndrome that tackles unique character viewpoints. Additionally, We Are Chicago has been critically praised depiction of an African-American growing up in the South Side and a unique storyline. This inclusion and diversity is expected to continue in 2018, as the public is more interested in roles that don’t play on stereotypes.

What To Expect In future Gaming industry
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