The American doctor Duncan McDougall made in 1907 an experiment that was to prove that the human soul has a “weight” and thus has a matter. In his opinion, this matter should leave the body at the moment of dying. His experimental setup was as follows: His experiment was as follows: The doctor chose subjects who were all about to die. He placed the beds of these patients on 4 scales each to determine the total weight before and after dying. In fact, the weight of one of the volunteers at the moment of death dropped by three quarters ounces (21 grams). He saw this as proof that the soul is made of matter and leaves the body when dying. Today you can see with a smile on these experiments. You just laugh about it. Nowadays, it is absolutely no longer important whether the soul has a “weight” and where the soul actually “sits” in the body. This simply does not matter, because you would never be able to measure or find out with scientific methods. The only thing that can be interpreted scientifically are the human feelings like fear, happiness, grief, panic, joy, etc. The strength of these feelings can also be interpreted and described and thus made comparable in some way.

When the soul weighs heavier than “three quarters ounces”

Many people today suffer from mental illness. The sex, age or descent does not matter. It can practically catch everyone. Unfortunately, these people know from their own experience that the soul may still have a “weight” and then weigh much heavier than just three quarters ounces or 21 grams. These people suffer from mental illnesses such as depression. This disease costs about one million lives every year, not because they die involuntarily, but because these patients voluntarily put an end to their lives. Unfortunately, this makes depression one of the top causes of the world’s most mortally ill diseases. This disease is only overtaken by cardiovascular diseases, which are caused by obesity of the vessels and obesity. Those who do not want to be part of the risk group should ask themselves if they are overweight and, if so, counteract this trend. A possibilityFast and long-term weight loss with Garcinia Cambogia is just this novel product from . Here you can usually continue to eat what you like and still decreases thanks to this product. This is especially helpful for people who are stuck in everyday life and do not want to change their habits. Above all, this is helpful when the bathing season is around the corner, because only very few people want to be seen with thick fat pads. If you do not like artificial preparations, you can also resort to natural methods and still lose weight. One of these methods is fast weight loss with green coffee, People who manage to reduce their weight dramatically reduce their chances of getting depression. Therefore, a fit and healthy body will do wonders – not just for the opposite sex. A good solution is the new product Geduomoxin online

How do you keep yourself mentally healthy?

Currently, many different types of mental illness are known. Modern medicine distinguishes between dozens of variants. But do not worry – not everyone who is in a bad mood every now and then is sick immediately. Bad days happen to the happiest people because of stress, bad mood and quarrels about modern life. The art is to quickly let go of these feelings and, above all, to leave them behind. You have to deal with these feelings properly to stay mentally and mentally healthy. So if you have a lot of stress in the office or at work, you should find an outlet for forgetting this stress. For example, you could go to endurance sports several times a week or do wellness programs. Should sport not be possible, for example if you are a wheelchair user, so you can drive out into the park and just enjoy the peace and the sun. If you are not as mobile with the wheelchair as you would like, you can find a solution. Who wants to overcome stairs with a wheelchair can do oneBuy a stairlift in the form of a platform lift . This helps in every situation and restores mobility in one’s own home.

Can you escape mental illness?

Modern medicine and related research make chemical processes responsible for mental illness. Certain metabolic processes favor the onset of depression and more. Another common form of mental illness is schizophrenia. In this case, the affected person believes that she has several personalities and thus controls. Persecution mania is more common companion of this disease. In the case of persecution mania, it is difficult to control himself and his actions and decisions, which makes him dangerous to himself and the environment. In this state, it is likely that you can spy on people and spy on them, thanks to mobile phone tracking for free without registration.

If you want to be mentally healthy, you should first of all make sure that you live in a balance. You should avoid extremes in any case and rather lead a life in equilibrium. Excessive stress, obesity, drug use, etc. are typical triggers for mental disorders. But mental health is a prerequisite for the whole body and organism to be healthy. The WHO propagates for years already the importance, that one should keep mentally healthy and lead an active and balanced life.

Above all, you should pay attention to the following points in order to keep yourself mentally healthy and fit.

  • Regular food and drink, as this is the basic building block for all life on earth.
  • Job, work, being active, hobbies.
  • Sex, partnership, family, friends for a sense of security and security.
  • Social contacts and communication

These points should all be in harmony and none of them should be neglected, otherwise a basic need of life will not be satisfied. Only when all the basic needs of life are fulfilled and satisfied, a healthy and full-fledged life is possible.